W.O.W. Wagon

Do you, or your organization, have an event that you are looking to "add a little color" to? Contact us today to reserve the WOW Wagon for your special event!

Wintergreen Arts Center and TAMC have come together to develop the Wintergreen On Wheels (WOW Wagon), that will be used as an on-location art studio, to bring wellness activities to the surrounding area, and to help both organizations with community outreach efforts. The WOW Wagon houses art supplies so the Wintergreen Arts Center staff and volunteers can travel to a community for special events and offer art activities on-site, as well as face painting services. It will continue to be used by TAMC to bring health-related activities to towns in the region as well. The two organizations also plan to have the vehicle appear in local parades and at festivals throughout the summer months and into the fall. “There are many positive health benefits to people of all ages who engage in art activity, whether it be visual, performing or some other medium. This is especially true for children,” said Dr. Renee Fournier, a pediatrician with TAMC’s Aroostook Pediatrics. “The benefits are far reaching and center on how time spent being creative and engaging in the art process promotes physical healing by helping children and teens work through emotions and fear.”

Contact Wintergreen Arts Center for rates and availability!

Wintergreen Art Center Policies: It is the policy of Wintergreen Arts Center that a WGAC/TAMC staff member will be present at all W.O.W events. Staff is on site to over see the W.O.W. Wagon and supplies, facilitate projects and to answer any questions that may arise.
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