FREE Arts Webisodes

Wintergreen’s FREE Arts Webisodes are brought to you in part by a Rapid Response Mini Grant from the Onion Foundation

Webisode #1: 3D Poppy Flower Craft with Ms. Kara Addington

Webisode #2: Doodling a Still Life with Mr. Josh Archer and Miss Sophia

Webisode #3: Hyacinth Flower Craft with Ms. Kara Addington

Webisode #4: Afternoon Art with Miss Shaye McHatten … The Duckling Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems

Webisode #5: Sequential Art with Mr. Josh Archer, Mr. Jackson, and Miss Sophia

Webisode #6: Afternoon Art with Miss Shaye McHatten … Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey

Free Webisode #1 in production with Kara Addington and Josh Archer
Thanks to our students, Sophie, Jack, and Elliott

Parents, are you home alone and wishing you had an assistant homeschooling teacher? Well, Wintergreen has your back!

Beginning, Monday, March 23, Wintergreen teachers are launching a series of free webisodes featuring a variety of arts lessons. Webisodes may be accessed on our Facebook page and here on our website.

Prior to each webisode, Wintergreen teachers will make a post on Facebook with details and suggested supplies.

Students are encouraged to take a photo or video of their completed arts projects to share with their teachers and friends on Wintergreen’s Facebook page. 

Wintergreen offers free arts webisodes as one way for students to create and thrive during these unchartered times.

Each week, Wintergreen will feature different lessons and guest instructors from time to time as well.