Support Wintergreen

UPDATE: We have successfully raised over half of our goal amount of $10,000 through offline donations! Our online goal is now $5000.

We ask you to please support the Wintergreen Arts Center now with a financial donation of your choice. In recognition of our 10th anniversary and the 1,000 peace crane project, we have a goal of raising $10,000 to help fund our programming. Please consider sponsoring any number of peace cranes you chose at $10 each. Your or a loved one’s name will be clearly written on every peace crane you sponsor, or you may remain anonymous. Remember that your gift is tax deductible.

Levels of Sponsorship:
$500 – Red-Crowned Cranes
$250 – Sandhill Cranes
$100 – Demoiselle Cranes
$50 – Siberian Cranes
$20 – Eurasian Cranes
$10 – Sarus Crane

Your generosity is profoundly appreciated. You may donate now at Thank you for helping Wintergreen launch another decade of encouraging creativity and the arts in Aroostook County and for making a difference in your community!

More about Wintergreen’s 1,000 Peace Cranes for “The County” Project:
On June 4, 2016, during our Community Support Day, Wintergreen launched the year of 1,000 Peace Cranes for “The County” Project. The Peace Crane is developed from an ancient art of paper folding called origami. The tradition of gifting 1,000 origami peace cranes is rooted in a Japanese legend of peace and good luck. Throughout the year, Wintergreen students and volunteers are making 1,000 origami peace cranes to be sponsored and displayed at our Center. At the end of the year, each peace crane will be released throughout Aroostook County as a gesture of our gratitude to our donors and as a way of extending creativity, good will, and hope to all.